Our Place at the Table: First Nations in the BC Fishery.

Co-author with Russ Jones and Marcel Shepert, Budget Printing (2004).



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First Nations Governance Handbook: A Resource Guide for Effective Councils.

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Aboriginal Title, Competing Claims and the British Columbia Treaty Process after Delgamuukw.

Native Title in Perspective: Selected Papers from the Native Title Research Unit 1998-2000.


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Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed

Neil J. Sterritt, Susan Marsden, Robert Galois, Peter R. Grant, Richard Overstall


In this book, the Gitksan and Gitanyow present their response to the use of the treaty process by the Nisga'a to expand into Gitksan and Gitanyow territory and demonstrate the ownership of their territory according their own legal system. Written as part of the negotiations between the Gitksan and the Nisga'a, it helps us understand how First Nations traditionally establish their rights to territory.


BC Studies - The British Columbian Quarterly, The Nisga'a Treaty
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Articles by Joseph Gosnell, Hamar Foster, Charles Taylor, Samuel V. LaSelva, Gordon Gibson, Neil J. Sterritt, John Borrows


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Drumbeat, Anger and Renewal in Indian Country

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In Drumbeat: Anger and Renewal in Indian Country, prominent native leaders and editor Boyce Richarson tell the history of the relations between eight Indian bands and the Canadian federal and provincial governments. These are the histories of betrayal, double dealing, and racism, and finally, of the native people's rising anger and determination to claim what has been denied them, and to forge a new and powerful role in Canadian society.